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How to Use a PSP Memory Card

Without a Memory Stick Duo, you can't save game progress.

Without a Memory Stick Duo, you can't save game progress.

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The Sony PlayStation Portable, commonly called the PSP, lets users play video game discs, watch movies and download content from the Internet. A Memory Stick Duo lets you save game data, which is helpful if you're running out of system storage room. It is also possible to store music, pictures or videos on a Memory Stick Duo. Once the Memory Stick Duo is inserted and formatted, it is ready to hold your game save data and media files.

Step 1

Pull open the memory card cover, found on the PSP's left side. Turn the Memory Stick Duo around, so the logo is facing away from you. Slide the Memory Stick Duo into the card slot, using the arrow as a guide.

Step 2

Power on the PSP. Scroll to the "Settings" tab, and then scroll down and select "System Settings."

Step 3

Highlight "Yes" and press "X" to begin the Memory Stick Duo formatting process. Press "X" one more time to confirm, and then wait for the process to end.

Step 4

Play video games as usual, and select the Memory Stick Duo when asked for a save location. To delete old game data, go to the PSP home screen, and then scroll to the "Game" menu. Select "Options" and "Delete," and then choose the data to erase. Here, you may also copy data to and from the Memory Stick Duo to system storage or another memory card.

Step 5

Connect the PSP to your computer via USB cable to save files to the Memory Stick Duo. Find the files you want to put on the Memory Stick, and then drag them to the PSP's "Memory Stick" folder. This folder is accessed by clicking "Start" followed by "My Computer" or "Computer," depending on the version of Windows you are running. Double-click the PSP icon, and then click the Memory Stick icon.


  • Formatting a Memory Stick Duo causes all data to be erased from it. If you want to keep the data, save it to another memory card or to the PSP system storage first.

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