How to Use BusyBox on the Samsung Vibrant

by Contributing Writer

Released in 2010, the Samsung Vibrant runs on the Google Android operating system. But the phone can also be outfitted to run a variety of Unix tools and utilities by installing the free BusyBox platform. Because BusyBox is not a standard Android application, you need to take advantage of a third-party installation utility called BusyBox Installer in order to use BusyBox on the Vibrant. BusyBox Installer is available via the official Google Play store.

Step 1

Touch the “Play Store” icon on the Vibrant's Home screen to launch the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Touch “Apps" in the Google Play Store.

Step 3

Search for "BusyBox Installer," then select it on the list of matching search results.

Step 4

Touch “Download” on the BusyBox Installer's Details page, then touch “Accept & Download” to accept the app's permissions and start the automated installation process.

Step 5

Launch BusyBox Installer when the download and installation process is complete.

Step 6

Touch the "Select BusyBox Version" menu, then touch the name of the BusyBox version you want to install on the Vibrant.

Step 7

Touch the "Select Install Location" menu, then select where on the Vibrant you want to install BusyBox.

Step 8

Tap the "Install" button to finish the installation and begin using BusyBox on the Vibrant.

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