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How do I Switch Over My Contacts Online With Verizon?

Transfer your contacts to you new Verizon phone online.

Transfer your contacts to you new Verizon phone online.

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One of the benefits of using Verizon for your wireless service is the ability to transfer your contacts from one phone to another using the online backup assistant. The backup assistant lets you transfer your contact list from one phone to your online account. When you receive a new phone, you can transfer your contacts to the new phone, avoiding the act of manually entering all of those names and numbers. The backup assistant is free to use, but it is not compatible with all Verizon cell phones. The instructions for backing up your contacts are different for every Verizon phone.

Step 1

Log into your Verizon Wireless online account and click on the “Backup Assistant” link; enter your username and password on the Verizon homepage to log into your account.

Step 2

Locate or download the backup assistant application onto your cell phone. Some phones have a backup assistant application link already installed and all you have to do it click on it. If your phone does not have the link you need to find your “Get It Now” application in your phone’s menu and download the backup assistant.

Step 3

Open the backup assistance application on your phone and click on the “Backup Now” link. Your backed up contacts are automatically accessible from your Verizon Wireless account once you back them up on your phone.

Step 4

Download or access the backup assistant on your new phone once it is activated and click on the “Restore” link. Your contacts are transferred from your Verizon Wireless backup assistant to your new phone.


  • Use the Backup Assistant “How to Guide” on your Verizon Wireless account for exact instructions on how to backup and transfer your contacts for your specific model cell phone.

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