Sony Vaio Characteristics

Beyond its surface good looks, the Sony Vaio offers a lot more under the hood.

Beyond its surface good looks, the Sony Vaio offers a lot more under the hood.

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Sony Vaio products have more than just hipster-style characteristics; they have geek-worthy substance to match. By definition, a characteristic is a distinguishing trait or feature. Of all the lines that Sony makes, the Vaio brand in particular has been synonymous with a nice-looking design. Capitalizing on that, over the years Sony has had marketing campaigns featuring actresses and the company positioned the Vaio as a fashion statement. That point has not gone unnoticed by female buyers. In 2011, the company reported that 45 percent of its notebooks had been purchased by women. However, the Vaio’s success has certainly been attributed to more than just its good looks.


Vaio laptops comprise a total of 14 E Series, 13 S Series and seven Z Series computers, as of November 2012. The entire E Series runs on the Windows 8 (64-bit) operating system. Every E Series laptop comes with Sony’s Vaio Care utility, a maintenance software to keep your computer functioning properly. This series is also recognized for what Sony calls its eye-candy colors -- sea foam white and seashell pink. A webcam is a standard feature, along with Vaio Gesture Control, which enables you to gesture in front of the webcam to perform a number of functions -- no clicking or typing involved. Many of these models have a back-lit keyboard. S Series laptops have a 1-inch form factor and come in eight colors. They also run on the Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 8 Pro (64-bit) operating system. They all have a back-lit keyboard, Vaio Gesture Control, a webcam and Vaio Care preinstalled. The Z Series is the thinnest of the trio, and it also has a back-lit keyboard. It has an HD webcam, Vaio Gesture Control and noise-canceling headphones. A biometric fingerprint sensor comes standard on all Z Series models.


The Vaio ultrabooks lineup consists of a total of seven T Series Ultrabooks and four Duo 11 Ultrabooks. The T Series is for those who love the tablet style but want the keyboard as well. This model emphasizes portability and claims to have bragging rights over most others when it comes to number of ports. A USB 3.0 port enables you to transfer large files 10 times faster than with a USB 2.0. For security, this series comes with Intel Anti-Theft Technology. It has an HD webcam, Vaio Gesture Control and Vaio Care, and runs on Windows 8 (64-bit). The Duo 11 is a touch-screen tablet and full high-density laptop rolled into one. The HD webcam, back-lit keyboard, Vaio Gesture Control and Vaio Care are standard, as is Windows 8 (64-bit). A digitizer stylus enables you to make on-screen annotations. The Duo 11 has a full keyboard.


The Vaio Tap 20 Mobile Desktop is a portable touch-screen PC with a 20-inch LCD. The Tap 20 comes with either 4GB or 8GB of memory. It’s unencumbered by any cords since it has a built-in battery. The Tap 20 enables you to download the Fingertapps Organizer application, which is a personal productivity tool. It comes with an HD webcam, Vaio Gesture Control and Vaio Care preinstalled. The L Series Desktop is an HD 1080-pixel touch-screen PC with optional 3-D capabilities. It’s the first Sony PC to feature X-Reality Engine, a technology used in the company’s Bravia TVs to improve the picture quality. This computer can double as an HDTV. Four models make up the L Series line of desktops, each one with a 24-inch screen and running Windows 8 (64-bit). The L Series has an HD webcam, Vaio Gesture Control and Vaio Care. The 3-D enabled models don’t require any special glasses.

Touch-Screen PCs

To narrow the scope and summarize which models from each line have touch-screen PCs, Sony identifies five computers in this category. The Duo 11 Ultrabook, which is a laptop and tablet hybrid, has an 11.6-inch screen size and is a convertible. The E Series Laptop has models with screen sizes up to 15.5 inches. The Tap 20 Mobile Desktop comes in white only, as of November 2012, and has a screen resolution of 1600-by-900.

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