How to Take a Snapshot From Google Earth

Visit exotic locations without leaving home using Google Earth.

Visit exotic locations without leaving home using Google Earth.

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Google Earth placemarks, similar to browser bookmarks, help people catalog important global locations and return to them later. If you use Google's free Google Earth to take virtual visits to places around the world, you can use the application's snapshot feature to create placemarks and store them in your My Places Google Earth folder. Over time, you will build an impressive libarary that contains snapshots of your favorite locations on the planet.

Step 1

Launch Google Earth and type the name of a location you'd like to visit in the "Search" box. Press "Enter" and wait for Google Earth to display the name of your location on the globe.

Step 2

Move to the application's toolbar and click the "Placemark" button. The New Placemark dialog box opens and a yellow placemark appears on the globe at your location. Drag the placemark if you'd like to position it more accurately on the globe.

Step 3

Move to the New Placemark dialog box and click the placemark icon to the right of the Name text box. A new window opens and displays icons you can choose if you don't like the yellow one. Click an icon if you like, and then click "OK" to close that window.

Step 4

Click the New Placemark dialog box's "Description" tab and type an optional description in the "Description" text box. Doing this will help you identify the snapshot later. Click "OK" to save your changes. Your new placemark appears on the globe at the location you placed it.

Step 5

Click the tool bar's "View" menu option and select "Side Panel" if you don't see the side panel. This sidebar contains a Places panel that lists your favorite places and placemarks. Find the name of the placemark you created and double-click it any time to return to that location on the globe.


  • The Description tab in the New Placemark window has an "Add Link" button. Click that and type a URL in the "Link URL" text box if you want to add a link to your placemark. You can also click "Add Image" and type the URL of an image that resides on the Web. When you visit one of your placemarks, the image and link you added to it appear in a balloon above the location.
  • If you don't want to navigate to a placemark, single click it instead of double-clicking it. A balloon tip opens and display information about the location.

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