How to Set Up a Wireless Connection for the Compaq Presario

by Contributing Writer

Wireless connectivity offers freedom of Internet access without being bogged down with cables. Most modern Compaq Presario notebooks have built-in wireless capabilities, but some models and desktops may not. Connecting to a wireless network on such models requires adding a wireless network adapter. The easiest to install are USB types, which only require plugging into an available USB port. Windows 7 automatically installs the necessary drivers.

Step 1

Purchase a USB wireless adapter if you do not have one built into your system. Plug the adapter into an available USB port, and give Windows 7 time to recognize and install the drivers for it. A notification pops up when the device is ready to be used.

Step 2

Look for a wireless button on your laptop if you have a built-in wireless adapter. This button is located along the top of the keyboard and has a picture of a wireless antenna. Press the button to toggle the wireless adapter on or off. A light appears on the button when the wireless adapter is enabled and ready for use.

Step 3

Click the wireless network icon on the task bar, next to the system clock. The icon looks similar to a cell phone's signal bars. Alternatively, click the square icon of the monitor. A list of available wireless networks pops up.

Step 4

Click an available network, then select "Connect." Enter the security passphrase if requested. The wireless connection is established.

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