How to Send Texts to Sprint Nextel Phones From the Computer

by C. Taylor
You can send a text message to a Sprint or Nextel customer via email.

You can send a text message to a Sprint or Nextel customer via email.

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Detractors of text messaging often cite that a phone call is quicker and more convenient, but text messaging offers the advantage of discretion, usability in loud environments and avoidance of long-winded voice calls. Text messaging from your phone is convenient, but if you're by your computer or have a limited number of texts, you can send your text messages to a Sprint or Nextel number via email.

Step 1

Log into your email account as you normally would and click to compose a new message.

Step 2

Address the email to the 10-digit phone number, followed by the suffice "" or "," depending on the service. As an example, you could send to "" or ""

Step 3

Enter a subject and the text in the body of the message. Try to keep the message short, since the recipient will ultimately receive it via text.

Step 4

Click "Send" to send your email via text message.


  • If you are uncertain which suffix to use, you can address the message to both without fear of someone else receiving the message. The phone number is a unique identifier, so the incorrect carrier extension will just get lost or bounce back.

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