How to Get Rid of Numbers in Facebook URL

A custom username helps other users find your Timeline.

A custom username helps other users find your Timeline.

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The numbers in your Facebook URL aren't totally meaningless, but they may as well be. They describe the site's size when you created your account, a fact of no importance to you or your contacts. Though Facebook's earliest adopters have short, memorable numerical IDs -- Mark Zuckerberg's is "4" -- new ones resemble random sequences now that the site has more than a billion users. To get rid of these numbers in your URL, replace them with a custom username. You can base yours on your real name or on some other significant phrase.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account, and click the gear icon in the page's navigation bar. Click "Account Settings" to open your General Account Settings page.

Step 2

Click "Edit" beside Username to open the site's custom username page. This page displays several suggestions for your Facebook username.

Step 3

Click "More" and type a username into the Enter Desired Username field. This word will replace the number in your profile URL.

Step 4

Click "Check Availability" to determine whether another user has already claimed that name. Type a new name if your first choice is unavailable.

Step 5

Click "Confirm" to get rid of the numbers in your Facebook URL and insert your new username in its place.

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