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How to Reset the Name of an iPod

by Contributing Writer

When you bought your iPod and connected it to your computer for the first time, your operating system prompted you to give your iPod a name. Depending on several factors -- including how long you've had your iPod and the amount of attention you paid to naming it when you first did -- the name your iPod currently bears might not be the one you want for it. It's simple to reset it and change it to something else.

Step 1

Connect your iPod to your computer. Insert your white USB cable first into the bottom of your iPod, then into one of your computer's USB ports.

Step 2

Wait 30 seconds for iTunes to launch and recognize your iPod. If iTunes doesn't automatically launch, double-click its desktop icon to manually open it.

Step 3

Change the name of your iPod. Double-click the name of your iPod in iTunes' left-hand sidebar. Type in the desired name of your iPod and hit "Enter." The name of your iPod is now changed.

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