How to Remove Google Translate in Firefox

by C. Taylor
Google Translate works as your personal translator.

Google Translate works as your personal translator.

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The Google Translator add-on in Firefox requests translation of full pages or selected passages directly from Google Translate. The results overwrite the selected text to display your language on the original page. Although you can disable this add-on or choose to let it sit passively in the background, you also have the option of removing it completely from Firefox. This extension integrates into Mozilla Firefox via its Add-ons Manager, so removal of it follows the same procedure as most other extensions.

Step 1

Click the "Firefox" button and select "Add-ons." Alternatively, press "Ctrl-Shift-A" to open the Add-ons Manager.

Step 2

Click the "Extensions" tab on the left panel.

Step 3

Click "Remove" next to the "Google Translator for Firefox" entry.

Step 4

Click "Restart Now" to restart Firefox and completely remove Google Translator. If you change your mind, click "Undo" before restarting Firefox.


  • There's also a GoogleTranslate add-on that adds Google Translate to the list of search options in Firefox's search bar. Click the search bar's drop-down menu and select "Manage Search Providers." Click "GoogleTranslate" from the list and then "Remove" to remove this entry.

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