How to Download Music From Your Windows Media Player Fast

Downloading your music doesn't have to take all day long.

Downloading your music doesn't have to take all day long.

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Many people enjoy downloading and uploading their music from their computers. However, slow downloads can cause problems for music lovers. If you'd like to increase the speed of your downloads--without buying a new computer--there are few things you can do.

Step 1

Switch from a dial-up connection to a cable or DSL connection. Dial-up connections can be slow for a number of reasons. The FCC regulates Internet connections over copper dial-up lines to a slower speed than what the lines can actually produce. Another reason why dial-up is slow is because of modem compatibility. If your dial-up and modem are not compatible, the speed will be much slower. Switching to a cable or DSL connection will allow you to surf the web and download music at much faster speeds.

Step 2

Close applications that take Internet bandwidth. Take time out to download your music without needing to do other things online (like school work, playing games, etc.). Close these programs to let your computer "focus" on just the downloading process.

Step 3

Close any applications you aren't using. Even applications that don't take bandwidth can slow down your computer overall.

Step 4

Clean up your disc space. Everything that you've downloaded, uploaded, viewed or read on your computer and the Internet is permanently saved to your "Temporary Internet Files" (which, ironically, not temporary at all). Click on "Start > Programs > Disk Cleanup > Temporary Internet Files." From there you can delete all of these old files that are taking up disc space. This will save you a lot of space that can be used towards new downloads.

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