How to Create a Web Page Using Open Office

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You have heard it before: the internet is the wave of the future. You can use it for anything from staying in touch with friends to reading the news to running a business. You can also create your own website. Web design is an easy world to enter. Nowadays, programs like Open Office allow you to create a simple web page in a word processor environment, saving you the time and trouble of writing your own HTML from scratch.

Step 1

Launch Open Office, select "File" from the menu bar, choose "New," and create a new "HTML Document."

Step 2

Write the content of your document, and format it according to how you would like it to appear online, using the traditional word processing formatting options provided by Open Office.

Step 3

Select "File" from the menu bar and choose "Preview in Web Browser" at any time to check how your work will appear once it's online.

Step 4

Save your work regularly. If you are worried about making big changes that might be hard to reverse, use the "Save As" option to create a totally new file. If your changes do not work, you can backtrack and open an older version of your file.

Step 5

Tackle formatting needs that can't be solved in the regular "Web Layout" view by switching to the "HTML Source" view and editing your HTML. You can switch between these two views by selecting and deselecting the "HTML Source" button on the toolbar. When you switch to the HTML view for the first time, you will be prompted to save your work if you have not done so already.

Step 6

Upload any media files separately, and make sure your web page points to the online copy of the file rather than the copy on your hard drive. For instance, if your web page will have pictures on it, upload these pictures to your web server, and in the HTML view, replace the local file pathway (which usually begins with "file:///C:/") with the global URL (which begins with "http://").

Step 7

Save your work one last time when you are finished, and upload the web page to your web server.


  • While you can use Open Office to create a web page without directly writing any HTML yourself, you will have a much higher degree of control over the result if you do know some HTML.
  • When you are ready to upload your web page, give it a file name with no spaces. Use underscores in place of spaces. Underscores show up in URLs as underscores, but spaces show up as "%20."

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