How to Connect a Blackberry Curve to a Wireless Router

A wireless router can extend an Internet connection to your BlackBerry.

A wireless router can extend an Internet connection to your BlackBerry.

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Your BlackBerry Curve's main connection is through a wireless network, which allows you to use the phone feature and access the Internet. The down side to this connection is that when you access the Internet, all the data that you use counts against your wireless plan, putting you in a position where you might wind up with a higher wireless bill at the end of the month. You can instead choose to connect your BlackBerry Curve to an available Wi-Fi network, allowing you to access the Internet without accumulating data charges, along with providing a potentially faster connection for your device.

Step 1

Press the "End" button on your BlackBerry to go to the Home screen.

Step 2

Select the "Connections" area that sits across the top of your BlackBerry's Home screen.

Step 3

Select "Wi-Fi" to enable it.

Step 4

Select "Set Up Wi-Fi Network." A list of nearby Wi-Fi networks will appear.

Step 5

Select the Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect to from the list of networks. If your network is secured with a password, you will need to enter your password.

Step 6

Select "Connect" to connect your BlackBerry to your wireless router.


  • Once you make the connection, your BlackBerry will automatically connect to this wireless router when you are within range of it. When you see the wireless icon under your BlackBerry's signal meter turn white, the connection has been established.

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