How to Change Text Color in Tumblr

Tweak your blog to set it apart from others.

Tweak your blog to set it apart from others.

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Tumblr's CSS editing options make it possible to express your creativity in a variety of unique and colorful ways. You don't have to understand how CSS works to make the text in your Tumblr blog look different. Simply insert a few lines of CSS code into Tumblr to make your blog's text appear any color you like. You can also add an additional line of code to change your blog's background color.

Step 1

Visit your Tumblr page, and then click the gear-shaped Settings icon to see a list of blogs you've created on the Settings page.

Step 2

Click the blog you want to update, and then click "Customize."

Step 3

Paste the following code into the Add Custom CSS box: p { color:red; } Tumblr displays a preview showing the new color -- red in this example -- on the page's right side. Replace the word "red" with the color you'd like blog visitors to see when they view your blog.


  • To add a background color to your text as well, paste "background-color: yellow;" (without the quotes) below the "color:red" line to create an effect that looks like you highlighted the text using a yellow marker. Replace "yellow" with another color to use a different background color.
  • You can use many more colors than the standard red, blue, green and yellow. Sites such as list 140 HTML colors you can reference by name in your code (link in Resources).

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