How Do You Change Your Facebook Badge?

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A Facebook badge is an easy-to-use utility for spreading awareness about your personal or professional Facebook presence. By adding Facebook badges to your additional online profiles, such as your website or blog, your audience can quickly see updates that you wish to share from Facebook and also easily reach locations such as your Facebook profile or fan page. In order to change a Facebook badge, replace your old badge code with the code of your newly customized badge.

Badge Options

Whether you wish to edit a current badge or create a new type of badge, you'll start on the Facebook Badges page (link in Resources). Here, you have four options for badges: a Profile badge that displays personal information from your Facebook profile, a Photo badge that shares your profile photos, a Like badge that displays a fan page that you've liked on Facebook, and a Page badge that provides a link to Facebook fan page that you manage. Facebook will store the Profile, Photo, and Page badges you make so you can edit them later. Like badges simply contain a link, so they are not stored.

Editing an Existing Badge

When you click on a Badge link, you see all the badges you have previously created, sorted by type. Click the "Edit this badge" button next to a badge to make changes. In the Edit menu, you can choose from a series of Layout options and select the specific information you wish to display on your badge. The preview screen on the right side of the menu displays your changes as you make them. When you're finished, click "Save", and you're returned to your list of badges. Beneath "Choose where to add the badge," click the "Other" button to generate your new badge code.

Replacing an Old Badge

Once you've generated your badge code, copy the entire code. Within your browser, go to your website, blog or any other location where you wish to display your badge. Using your favorite code or text editor, paste the code for your badge in your preferred location on the page. Once you save your changes, you should see the badge on your live blog or Web page. If you are using a platform with a layout or theme editor, you may need to paste the code in a specific location. For example, WordPress instructs users to add the code for Facebook badges within a Text widget.


If you wish to add your new badge code to multiple locations online (or if you want to add several different badges), pasting the code into a text file is a helpful way to stay organized while you are working in multiple Web pages. Implementing the code for a Facebook badge is a simple process, but make sure you copy and paste the entire line of code without omitting any characters to prevent your badge from having display issues.

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