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Can You Upload Pictures to Facebook from a Cell Phone Without a Data Package?

You can upload photos from your phone to Facebook through a wireless connection.

You can upload photos from your phone to Facebook through a wireless connection.

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Many cell phones are capable of connecting to Facebook and updating your profile data. You can even upload photos from your phone to Facebook, but you must have the proper data allowance. If you don't have a data package or have used up all of your plan's allotted monthly data, you can still upload pictures to Facebook by using wireless connections or transferring your photos to a computer first.

Wireless Connections

If you are at a location that has a wireless network, you can upload pictures to Facebook through that wireless connection. Turn on your phone's wireless settings. It will scan the area for existing wireless networks. Log on to the strongest connection. This process may require a password. Many businesses allow you to use their wireless connection if you are a customer, and some locations also provide free public wireless access. Once you are connected, you will be able to access Facebook and upload your pictures.

Data Use Without a Plan

Depending on your carrier and plan, you may be able to use data even without an actual data package. If this is the case, you can upload pictures to Facebook by connecting to the mobile network. In this usage, you are using data, but you are only paying for it on a per-use basis. Depending on your cell phone provider, the rate for this type of data usage may be more expensive than if you were paying for a data package.

Transfering Pictures

If you need to upload photos from your phone but are unable to connect to a wireless network or use the mobile network, you can also connect to Facebook via an Internet-enabled computer. If you have transferred your pictures to that computer, you will be able to upload them to Facebook. Most phones can connect to a computer via USB jack, and you can then drag and drop your pictures onto the computer as if your phone were an external hard drive.

Other Considerations

If your wireless or data access is extremely limited, you may wish to reduce the size of your image to enable faster uploading. Most phone cameras have an option to save images in a smaller size. You can also compress them or save them in a traditionally compressed image format, such as GIF.

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