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What Is 5G Phone Service?

by Contributing Writer

Still in the developmental stage, 5G, or 5th Generation Mobile Technology, promises to revolutionize wireless phone service. The current standard of 4G allows individuals to browse the Internet, send video, download music and do all of the things consumers have come to expect from today's smartphones. Future 5G technology will provide consumers with these same abilities, but with an intuitive interface that actually learns about a consumer's preferences and buying habits.

Cell Systems

The 3G and 4G cell systems divide a geographic area into smaller interconnected radio cells. Each coverage area has multiple receivers and transmitters that communicate directly with your cell phone. This cellular system uses radio channels to provide cellular phone service. The 5G technology is expected to use satellites and wireless ad hoc networks that will allow companies to provide service globally. This transition will give you the ability to use your cell phone anywhere in the world without worrying about staying connected or needing to pay roaming charges.

Hand Held Computer

While current smartphones can perform many of the functions of a home computer, 5G phone service has the potential to provide consumers with a wireless device that has machine-learning capabilities, according to Joseph Mitola, a computer scientist with both the National Security Agency and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Each hand held device is expected to have a permanent "home" IP address that will allow the device to receive information packets directly from its network. This allows the device to function like a home PC, receiving and send information directly at speeds far greater than current phones are capable.

Learning Ability

5G phones will possess the ability to learn about your preferences the more you use them, according to Mitola. For example, say you use your phone to play games online against friends, and that your cellular provider offers an additional bandwidth that would allow you to play at a faster rate. Your phone will recognize when you are a playing a game online, and ask you if you'd like to connect to the higher bandwidth for an additional charge while you play. If you agree, and agree again in the future, your phone will learn to connect you automatically with the higher bandwidth whenever you play a game online.


Shakil Akhtar, professor of information technology at Clayton State University predicts that 5G cell phone technology will arrive sometime between 2011 and 2015. As most cellular provides have transitioned to 4G technology, consumers must remain patient for 5G cell phone service. When 5G service does become available, consumers will have a lot to consider, as a new world of technological advances will become available for purchase.

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